Current Sales Reports

Sales and Charter Graphs

Graphs for recent sales and charters of deck barges, hopper barges, tank barges, OSVs and towing vessels.

2022 Sales and Charters

Marcon has announced 17 sales and one charter closed to date in 2022, comprised of three ocean deck barges, three inland deck barges, an ocean tank barge, a landing craft, five tugs totaling 11,085BHP, a fast supply utility vessel, a crew boat, two platform supply vessels and an anchor-handling tug supply vessel. Additional sales are pending completion and announcements soon.

2021 Sales and Charters

In 2021, Marcon completed 11 sales and charters, including nine tugs totaling 45,690BHP, a 164,000BBL ocean tank barge and a 17,586dwt ocean deck barge.

2020 Sales and Charters

Marcon concluded 22 sales, tows or charters in 2020, including five inland deck barges, two ocean deck barges, two ocean tank barges, eight tugs, a PSV, a crew boat, a landing craft, a passenger day vessel and a pair of Manitowoc 390 winches.

    2019 Sales and Charters

    In 2019, Marcon concluded a total of 27 sales, tows & charters including six deck and four tank barges, 13 tugs totaling 58,060BHP, one platform supply vessel, one crew boat and two research / survey vessels.

    2018 Sales and Charters

    Marcon completed 39 sales and two long-distance tows in 2018, comprised of 22 tugs, six ocean tank barges, four inland deck barges, three AHTSs, two 310' newbuilding DP-02 OSVs, an ocean deck barge, a supply vessel, a general cargo vessel and a crew boat.

    Tug Sales and Charters

    Marcon has sold or chartered 383 tugs totaling over 1,247,772HP since 1983.

    OSV Sales and Charters

    Marcon has sold and chartered 166 supply boats & AHTS, 20 utility boats, 112 crew/pilot boats, 19 seismic boats, 34 research/survey vessels, 9 dive support vessels and one drill ship since its first sale in 1983.

    Research and Survey Sales and Charters

    Marcon has sold or chartered a total of 62 research, survey, dive, and seismic vessels since its first sale in 1983.

    Pushboat Sales and Charters

    Marcon has sold or chartered 36 pushboats, 63 inland tank barges, and 111 inland hopper barges since its first sale in 1983.