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 5,100BHP Tug - Twin Screw
Dbl Tank Barge - Ocean
180ft. Deck Barge - Ocean (DB18075)
260ft. Deck Barge - Ocean
330ft. Deck Barge - Ocean
210ft. Hover Barge
115ft. Crew Boat
3,000BHP Tug - Twin Screw
64ft Crew Boat
 65ft Crew Boat
185ft Drydock
1,330dwt Singledecker
170ft Landing Craft
 190ft Passenger/Car Ferry (PF19043)
134ft. Supply Boat
150ft. Supply Boat
193ft. Supply Boat - AHTS
278ft. Maintenance Vessel
1,600BHP Tug - Twin Screw
3200BHP Tug - Twin Screw
3822BHP Tug Twin-Screw
3900BHP Tug - Twin Screw
3900BHP Tug - Twin Screw
10,192BHP Tug - Tractor
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