Current Market Reports

Tank Barge Market Report - Oct 2021

As of October, Marcon had 19 inland and 25 ocean or coastal tank barges available for sale out of 679 tracked, eight fewer inland but nine more ocean than was available one year ago. The tank barge market in the U.S. has continued to struggle over the past several months. Much can be attributed to reduced shipment volumes related to the Covid-19 Delta variance. Inland market utilization, which was hit hard by Hurricane Ida, should improve at a faster rate than coastal market utilization, but we hope for both to eventually settle out at pre-pandemic levels.

Offshore Support Market Report - Sept 2021

In our September 2021 offshore market report, Marcon reports 587 supply, tug supply, crew, fast supply and pilot boats officially on the market for sale out of 4,109 tracked worldwide. Since our last report in March 2021, the offshore supply market appears to continue to improve in most geographic regions. With the continuing battle with varying country and industry responses to the COVID 19 pandemic, economic crises, natural disasters, global supply chain disruptions, et al, there are unequal changes to the offshore supply market. Marcon has had few inquiries for offshore supply vessels and crew boats in the U.S., though we have heard of some sales at just above scrap prices for laid up tonnage. Worldwide operational boats are in limited supply, which will improve second-hand prices and day rates in the near term.

Inland Pushboat Market Report - June 2021

In June 2021, Marcon reported 54 push boats officially on the market for sale out of 781 tracked. This is down 19 (26.03%) from one year ago in May 2020 and 12 (18.18%) from May 2016. While the market challenges of the latter half of 2020 continued into first quarter 2021, improvements were seen in second quarter 2021. These improvements seem to be linked to economies opening back up as more of the population is vaccinated. Improved barge movements and utilization were noted in second quarter 2021, but transportation channels are still backlogged with little relief expected soon, especially in light of the resurgence in COVID-19 cases and resulting impact on travel and businesses.

Tug Market Report - May 2021

In May, Marcon reported 615 tugs officially on the market for sale out of 5,203 tracked. This is up 15.17% from one year ago, but down 1.28% from five years ago. Marcon has closed six sales and one charter so far in 2021 after ending 2020 with 22 sales and charters completed. Many of the 2020 deals were well in the works before the Covid-19 situation developed and oil prices crashed. Throughout most of 2020 and early 2021, the market was extremely slow both domestically and world-wide. As we have been seeing an increase in inquiries lately, we are hopeful that a rebound is emerging as more people are vaccinated, Covid-19 slowly subsides and economies turn around with strong fiscal stimulus.