Current Market Reports

Tank Barge Market Report - April 2019

As of April, Marcon reports 59 tank barges officially on the market for sale out of 692 tracked. The market for US tank barges, both inland and coastal, shows some signs of improvement over last year in regards to general utilization levels, but sales between US Buyers and Sellers remain few.

Crew Boat Market Report - March 2019

Marcon reports 218 crew, fast supply and pilot boats officially on the market for sale out of 1,153 tracked worldwide. The market continues to remain extremely soft for all types of offshore service vessels, including crew boats, as the activity levels across the board for offshore oilfield markets continue to stagnate. As brokers we are aware of some sales in this segment, but they are far and few between and at greatly reduced prices.

Tug Boat Market Report - Feb 2019

Marcon reports 547 tugs officially on the market for sale out of 5,038 tracked. This is down 6.5% from one year ago, mostly due to scrapping of older, lower horsepower tugs. There is still demand for good, higher horsepower, modern tugs, especially ASDs. As of end March, Marcon has sold three tugs so far this year with two about 21 year olds selling for region $1,400-$1,500/BHP and the third, 41 years of age and in the right place at the right time, selling for $374.44/BHP. In 2018, 18 tugs were sold for an average $84.39/BHP with an average age of 37 years.