About Marcon

Sales / Charters - Since our first sale in 1983, Marcon has sold/chartered over 1,545 vessels and barges between companies located in the U.S. and worldwide. We specialize in the towing, marine construction and offshore petroleum industries.

Valuation / Consulting - Although our primary focus as shipbrokers is in the sale, purchase and charter markets, we also regularly prepare valuations on both entire fleets and individual vessels or barges, project charter rates for new acquisitions and newbuildings, consult on market prospects and have conducted, when requested, physical inspections for valuations. Since 2000, Marcon has prepared over 900 valuation reports covering 4,000+ vessels and barges.

Website - Marcon International, Inc. is very proud of its constantly evolving website, www.marcon.com. A key feature of our website is an up-to-date list of approximately 700 vessels offered on the market for sale, charter or newbuild design. The website contains search functions which allow the user to input characteristics, such as: type, size, price, location and flag. This allows users to find vessels that suit their needs. Many of the listings on the website have photographs, drawings, and surveys available online. The website contains a fraction of the 15,000+ vessels and barges we track, so if you do not find what you want there, please call or email our office and one of our brokers will be more than happy to search our databases for your requirements or contact owners to find suitable equipment. Other key features of the website are reports and articles on different segments of the marine industry, economic factors, and different countries. Marcon's website is often used by financial institutions and researchers as a point of information for various purposes.

Market Reports - On a periodic basis, Marcon International issues reports on the following market segments: Tugboats, Offshore Support, Push Boats and Tank Barges. These reports contain: summaries of data from Marcon's extensive databases regarding vessels for sale or charter in the US and worldwide; compilation of news from vessel builders and operators worldwide; and featured listings from our files. Current and past reports are available at www.marcon.com.

Newsletters - Twice a year, Marcon International, Inc. sends out an email newsletter to about 5,000 recipients worldwide. Each newsletter contains an article relating to current trends in a particular segment or the industry as a whole and a selection of featured vessels across various vessel and barge types. Current and past newsletters are available at www.marcon.com.

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