Two U.S. Flag Tugs Recently Sold

The U.S. flag, 4,800HP twin screw, flush-deck, articulated pusher tug “Java Sea” has been sold by Kirby Offshore Marine of Houston, Texas to private buyers. The tug was originally built by the well-respected Main Iron Works of Houma, Louisiana as the “Patriot” (Hull 360) - a 3,000HP, EMD 12-645E6 powered, conventional twin screw tug with a raised 49.3’ height of eye pilothouse. She was operated briefly by Interstate Oil Transportation out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which was acquired by Sonat Marine Inc. of New York. At that time the tug was mated up with their 10,700dwt, 368.0’ x 66.0’ x 26.5’ petroleum barge “Sonat 81.” In 1987, Sonat was acquired by Maritrans Operating Partnership of Tampa, Florida who continued to operate the “Patriot” until 1998 when she was acquired by K-Sea Transportation of New Jersey and renamed “Java Sea”.

K-Sea converted the tug to an ATB by fitting a JAK-400 coupler systems in 2002 and repowered her with the present 6-cylinder Wartsila 6L26s developing 4,800HP at 1,000RPM and Reintjes 5.56:1 gears in Spring 2004.

Tug is fitted with four blade fixed pitch props in kort nozzles and four flanking and two steering rudders. Ship’s power is provided by two 212kW / John Deere 4045 generators. K-Sea was acquired by Kirby in 2011 and operated until 2017 when phased out of active service in Seattle, Washington. “Java Sea” is classed ABS +A1, Towing Service, +AMS, Unrestricted through September 2020 and was laid up in active class at the time of the sale. Marcon acted as sole broker and represented both buyer and seller in previous transactions. Marcon has sold or chartered nine tugs totaling 45,010HP so far this year and 357 tugs totaling 1,145,697HP over the last 38 years.

“Sea Voyager”, a 7,200HP U.S. flag, twin screw ocean tug was sold by Crowley Maritime Services of Seattle, Washington to private buyers. Originally built by Equitable Equipment Company of Madisonville, Louisiana as the “Joshua T” (photo left), for Nolty J. Theriot Offshore, the tug became the “Marine Voyager” in 1983 when acquired by International Ocean Service, part of WFI Industries / Marine Power & Equipment of Seattle, Washington. She was again briefly renamed “Joshua” in 1985 before being transferred by a stroke of a pen when Marine Power & Equipment’s parent firm was changed to Unimar International. Tug was then renamed “Independent Voyager” and now under ownership of United Marine Tug & Barge. In 1992, she was acquired by Crowley Marine Services as one of three Sea-Victory class tugs and renamed “Sea Voyager”. The 149.5’ x 40’ x 22’ depth, raised foc’stle bow tug is powered by twin EMD 20-645E5 diesels with Lufkin 5.93:1 gears and 4-blade stainless steel props in kort nozzles giving her a bollard pull of abt. 120 short tons ahead. Towing gear consists of an Intercon DD-250 double drum tow winch with capacity for 3,000’ of 2.25” and 3,500’ of 2.5” wire. Tankage consists of 199,727g fuel, 3,350g lube oil and 7,590g fresh water. Tug is classed ABS +A1, Towing Service, +AMS, Unrestricted through April 2021 and was laid up in active class at the time of the sale. Since our first sale of the 132’ x 32’ x 12’ depth, U.S. flag, supply boat “Gulf Mariner” in 1986, Marcon has assisted in the sale, purchase, or charter of 123 vessels and barges owned by Crowley Maritime.

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