Mid 2018 Sales

Marcon International, Inc. of Coupeville, Washington is pleased to report that sales and charters have surpassed our total 2017 numbers with 25 sales and one 2,780nm long-distance tow fixed so far. A 5,000HP ASD tug was also extended on a previously arranged long-term contract. Several additional sales are pending.

The 5,750BHP AHTS “Endurance” (ex-Freedom Service) and the two small twin screw sister tugs “Roger G” and “Gus E” joined Paradigm Marine LLC’s existing Alaska fleet of oil spill response vessels, spill response barge, coastal tug and deck barges after purchase from Crowley Maritime. The 207.0’ x 40.0’ x 16.8’ former anchor handling tug supply vessel was originally built as one of four sister-vessels for Zapata Gulf Marine Corp. in 1978 by Campbell Industries of San Diego, California – well noted for their construction of large high seas, tuna super-seiners. Crowley operated the ABS +A1 Towing classed vessel for the last eighteen years as an oil spill response / escort vessel. The 920mtdw vessel is fitted with a Smatco double drum tow winch. “Endurance” is powered by twin EMD 16-645E7A diesels developing a total of 5,750HP at 900RPM with controllable pitch props in kort nozzles. Bollard pull is abt. 82mt. “Roger G” and “Gus E” are small, steel hull sister tugs with aluminum pilot houses built in 2000 by Rozema Boat Works of Mt. Vernon, Washington for Crowley to work as line-handling and barge assist tugs in Alaska. The tugs each measure 44’ x 16’ x 8.7’ and are powered by a pair of CAT 3306B main engines producing a total of about 500BHP per boat, Twin Disc 5091 gears and fixed pitch props. Marcon International has sold a number of vessels and barges over the years to Paradigm Marine. This is the third OSV and 13th and 14th tugs sold by Marcon this year, and the 79th AHTS sold totaling 374,038BHP sold in the last 37 years.

Five 400.0’ x 99.5’ x 25.0’ depth’ / 19.8’ loaded draft ocean deck / tank barges were also sold by Crowley Maritime Corp. of Seattle, Washington to private U.S. West Coast buyers. The 16,200ltdw, U.S. flag, double rake barges are classed ABS +A1 Oil Tank Barges with surveys valid through 2020 – 2021. The barges each have a capacity for abt. 149,000bbl liquid in 20 tanks. Two of the units, “Barge 450-6” and “Barge 450-7” were built in 1981 by FMC Corp. of Portland, Oregon while “Barge 450-1”, “Barge 450-3” and “Barge 450-8” were built by Bethlehem Steel Corp. in San Francisco, California in 1975, 1976 and 1981 respectively. The five barges were purchased by several operators for further trading in non-petroleum service. Over the years, Crowley’s 450 series petroleum barges have carried gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, chemicals and crude oil at virtually all ports from the North Slope of Alaska to the Caribbean, including the U.S. West, Gulf and East Coasts until they were replaced by new OPA’90 double hull AT/B barges ranging from 20,000 to 45,800dwt. Marcon acted as sole broker in all eight of the above transactions.

Since the sale of their oil rig supply boat “Gulf Mariner” in 1986, Marcon has handled well over 100 sales, charters and purchases of various vessels and barges on behalf of Crowley, including the previous sales of the sister-barges “450-2” and “450-12” sold to Nigeria and Sweden respectively.


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