300' x 100' Ocean Deck Barge "Signet Atlas" Sold

Marcon International, Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of the 300' x 100' x 20' depth US Flag ocean deck barge "Signet Atlas" to US West Coast Buyers SeaTac Marine Services, LLC of Seattle, WA during the last quarter of 2020. The barge is very heavily built with 6' frame spacing, light displacement of 1,876 long tons, and corrugated bulkheads. She carries a uniform deck load of 6,000lbs/ft2 on 29,000ft2 of flat steel deck and has recessed bollards. She can also accommodate extra heavy loads of 20,000lbs/ft2 at the bulkhead junctions. The newly re-named "SeaTac Atlas" was built in 2010 by Signal International, in Orange, TX and has a loaded draft of 16.0', with a corresponding deadweight of 10,340 long tons. She is a fast towing barge with a 24' long "parabolic bow", and a 40' stern rake. The barge is ABS +A1 classed as a deck barge, is coated internally and in excellent overall condition upon delivery to the new Owner. The barge is now on the US West Coast in Seattle undergoing installation of bin walls and a higher forward breakwater to handle the heavy seas of the Northwest Pacific Ocean. She will be joining SeaTac Marine's Alaska and Pacific Coastwise Trade. See more at the Owner's Website: www.seatacmarine.com

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