Two 250' x 72' U.S. Flag Inland Barges Sold

Marcon International, Inc. has recently concluded the sale of two US Flag inland deck barges between two US West Coast companies.

The two barges ("OC 261" and "OC 262") were built in 1981 and 1982 by Bergeron Industries of Braithwaite, LA, for a Louisiana based company. They were part of a group of four sister barges, and their original service was as ABS Ocean Deck barges working in the US Gulf oilfield, and for transport of oilfield related equipment to West Africa.

They all measure 250' x 72'x 15' depth, and have a loaded maximum 4,800T DWT design draft of 12'. The barges have flat steel decks, and the uniform deck load is relatively light by today's standards at 1,000 lb./ft2. They have 2 longitudinal / 6 transverse bulkheads, fixed towing skegs aft and the long bow and stern rake provided for a faster towing speed on the Trans-Atlantic hauls.

The barges traded in the previous Owner's ocean service under ABS Loadline, until they were all sold in late 2007 to US West Coast Buyers, which were engaged in bridge construction and retrofit in the San Francisco Bay Area. The barges have been working in that service and region for the past 13 years until being recently sold. The barges will now enter dedicated inland service for the new Owner on the US West Coast, after being refurbished and upgraded.