3,800HP Twin Screw Tug Sold

Press release with additional images: Altair 2017 Sale.pdf

As part of its on-going fleet renewal, the 3,800HP U.S. flag, twin screw tug "Altair" (ex- Osprey), was sold by Kirby Offshore Marine Pacific LLC of Houston, Texas to U.S. West Coast interests. Marcon International, Inc. of Coupeville, Washington acted as sole broker in the sale and has handled numerous previous transactions for both Buyer and Seller. The 106.5' x 33.5' x 17.0' depth tug was built in 1981 as Hull 8006 (drawing left), the first in a series of three close sister-tugs built by Edward Sanchez Marine Services Corp. of Fall River, Massachusetts. The boats were heavily built, possibly with the Panama Canal in mind, with 1/2" - 5/8" shell and bottom plate, a 1" x 4' deep belt and displacing abt. 732 long tons at design draft. In any case, Hull 8006 was acquired by Allied Transportation Company of Norfolk, Virginia after construction and named "Osprey". Sirius Maritime / Hawaiian Interisland Towing purchased the tug from Allied in 2002-3. They were acquired by K-Sea Transportation in 2006, who in-turn was acquired by Kirby Corp. in 2011. While the sister-tugs were powered with EMDs, "Osprey" is powered by a pair of turbocharged Alco 12-251Cs developing a total of 3,800HP at 900RPM, with Haley 4.5:1 gears and 4-blade 116" x 80" fixed pitch, open props on 10.75" shafts. This gives the tug a bollard pull of about 52.3 short tons. Towing gear consists of a single drum Rapp-Hydema tow winch with a capacity for 2,400' of 2" wire and hydraulic tow pins. Tug is fitted with an upper pilothouse with a 45' height of eye. Tankage includes 77,000g fuel, 1,900g lube oil, 6,898g potable water and 49,450g ballast. Tug is classed ABS A1, Towing Service, AMS, Unrestricted Service and was laid-up at the time of sale. The "Altair" was the 323rd tug totaling 1,009,457HP sold or chartered through Marcon in the last 36 years.