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Summer 2023 Newsletter

Inland & Ocean Towing Markets Update

To date in 2023, Marcon has closed 19 sales, including nine tugs and one inland pushboat. Activity in the US tug market remains brisk with numerous tugs changing hands during the first part of the year. The U.S. inland market has slowed somewhat compared to 2022. Supply chain normalization and more normal water levels has brought demand more toward balance. While there is strong demand for inland push boats, second hand supply continues to be very limited.

Winter 2023 Newsletter

Offshore Support Market Update

In February 2023, Marcon reported 247 supply and tug supply boats and 79 crew, fast supply and pilot boats officially on the market for sale. The offshore oilfield market has continued to make marked improvement since Marcon's last offshore supply market report in November 2022, and shows no signs of abeyance looking into the future. Rates continue to strengthen and vessel sales into and out of the oilfield market continue to move at a rapid pace. Marcon has closed eight sales to date in 2023 after closing 18 sales and one charter in 2022. These sales included several offshore support vessels for offshore and alternate service.

Summer 2022 Newsletter

Offshore & Inland Towing Market Update

Marcon has closed 13 sales to date in 2022, after ending 2021 with ten sales and one charter. This aligns with positive sentiment overall. Activity has nearly doubled compared to 2021 (our worst year ever) and it seems we have finally broken out of the Covid-19 overhang. Operating tugs and barges are in short supply both in the US and international market. Across the age spectrum, the lack of inventory on the second-hand market is our biggest challenge as brokers. Inquiries have steadily increased, especially for ocean deck barges.

Winter 2022 Newsletter

Offshore Support Market Update

Overall, Marcon has seen the number of offshore support vessels listed for sale shrink over the past year and especially when compared to five years ago. Dealing with the past two years of the world in a global pandemic that shut down commerce and economies, vessel owners reacted in a number of different ways. As we are finally seeing resumption of commerce, reopening of ports and reactivation of fleets, we are starting to see some enquiries for supply and crew vessels. As of late February 2022, Marcon had 313 supply and tug supply boats and 225 crew boats officially listed on the market for sale, down 68 supply and tug supply boats and 22 crew boats from one year ago.

Summer 2021 Newsletter

Offshore & Inland Towing Market Update

In May and June 2021, Marcon reported 615 tug boats and 54 push boats, respectively, officially on the market for sale. Of Marcon's ten sales and charters to date in 2021, eight were tug boats. Between these sales and continuing tug inquiries, we believe that this is a sign that part of the market is moving forward. Sales of push boats have been far and few between, though we have a number of inland river (and ocean) tank barges for sale. Many buyers, across multiple market segments, continue to be stymied by project delays, worker shortages, an uncertain economy and travel restrictions.

Winter 2021 Newsletter

Offshore Support Market Update

In February 2021, Marcon reported 375 supply and tug supply boats and 237 crew, fast supply and pilot boats officially on the market for sale. Marcon ended 2020 with 20 sales and two charters, which involved many deals which were well in the works before the Covid-19 situation developed. Recently, we has started to see some small signs of improvement in offshore supply vessel activity, though many vessels are laid up and vessel values remain depressed.

Summer 2020 Newsletter

Towing / Pushing Markets Update

In May 2020, Marcon reported 617 tugs officially on the market for sale, up 15.54% from one year ago, while it reported 73 push boats officially for sale, down 22.68% from one year ago. Marcon ended second quarter 2020 with 16 sales completed, including four tugs, which involved many deals which were well in the works before the Covid-19 situation developed. Since that time, the market has been extremely slow, which we see reflected across the board both domestically and world-wide.

Winter 2020 Newsletter

Tank Barge Market Update

Marcon has 27 inland and 25 ocean or coastal tank barges available for sale out of 680 tracked as of end-November 2019, fewer than were available one year ago. Marcon has several US and foreign flagged tank barges for sale but there has not been much appetite for the prices offered against the requirements of the Buyers. The ocean / coastal market generally remains in a situation of 'over tonnage' with too many barges and not enough work. Looking at select third quarter earnings releases, owners are reporting that in the inland and coastal markets, day rates were flat or slightly up, while utilization remained flat.

Fall 2019 Newsletter

Offshore Supply Market Update

Marcon has 275 supply and tug supply boats available for sale out of 2,998 tracked as of mid-June 2019, fewer than were available one year ago. Of all vessels sold to date in 2019, only two were at asking prices, while others were as low as 50% of asking, bearing out what we have seen elsewhere - sellers' prices have been above market value for vessels of their age and condition or at just above scrap levels to get the vessel sold. The few sales there have been of OSVs remain at deeply discounted levels. It seems the longer the market takes to come back, even bargain prices are not enough to attract buyers. We have been told the OSV market is picking up in the US Gulf as far as charters and term work a bit, but mostly related to larger 280'-300' tonnage. Unfortunately, charter rates are not enough to justify bringing many vessels out of 'stacked / laid up' status to pursue the business.

Spring 2019 Newsletter

Marcon's View of the Tug Market

Marcon has sold three tugs totaling 12,700BHP as of end first quarter 2019, after selling or fixing tows for 22 tugs totaling 77,280BHP in 2018. Marcon has 547 tugs officially on the market for sale worldwide, down 38 or 6.50% from one year ago, February 2018, and down 140 or 20.38% from February 2014. While today's average age of tugs on the market is 25 years, almost 13% of the tugs listed today are 50+ years old. The three tugs sold to date 2019 went for an average $904.22/BHP (avg 31 years old), which were under special circumstances and we do not expect this price level to continue. In comparison, the 18 tugs sold in 2018 averaged $84.39/BHP (avg 37 years old).

Winter 2019 Newsletter

Offshore Market Summary

Marcon's view is that the various markets remain a mixed bag. Whipsaw oil prices continue to bring uncertainty to the offshore market. Just about anyone we speak with has given up trying to predict a turn around. Owners have taken a duck and cover approach. Buyers are usually only hunting for "deals". The decline may be over, but the new normal is painful.

Fall 2018 Newsletter

Market Summary

Marcon has 28 sales and charters so far in 2018, compared to 19 in 2017. Even with this increase, we cannot provide a blanket description of today's market. Some sectors are obviously doing well while others remain in the doldrums. Needless to say, the sectors tied to offshore oil continue to be depressed. Offshore service vessels have been selling, but only at bargain prices.The tug and barge market is brighter, subject to the sector and region. The US inland barge market is steady with presently good demand for both hopper and tank barges.