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MB21082 - Hover Barge
Listing Number: MB21082
Last Updated: Fri, Apr 01, 2022
Available For: Sale  -  Charter
Flag: U.S.
Built: 2009
Rebuilt: NA
Builder: Sundial Marine Construction & Repair
Gross Price: Call for Pricing
Inspection: U.S. Northwest
Delivery: Prompt
Photo Not Available..
LOA:  210 ft.     Length (Reg):      
Beam:  82 ft.
Depth:  5 ft.
Draft:   0 ft.loaded
Dwt:  Lt. Disp: 
G / NRT:  ___ / ___
Deck Machinery
Windlass:  2-JK Fab. hyd. single drum 
Anchors:  2-1,120lb. plow type in chutes 
Chain/Wire:   / 
Winch:  4 - 30T Lantec 540 single drum hyd. Deck with 1.25" wire 
Crane:  2 - Grove M977 hyd. Knuckleboom 
Aux. Machinery
Fuel transfer system 
1 - 150kW CAT D150-8 / CAT2682 208/120vAC 60Hz 3Ph 
Deck Cargo:  450T 
Clear Deck:  9,000ft2 
Deck Strength:  
Hold Cap   
No. Holds:   
Hatch Sizes:   
No. Hatches:   
FO: 8,000g  FW:  
BW:   Coiled:  
BBL:   No. Tanks:  
WT Comp: Bulkheads: 4 long'l / 4 transv. 
Plate:   Rakes:  
Remarks: World's largest hover barge designed & engineered by BMT Nigel Gee, U.K. and Hovertrans, Ltd. Towed by vessel, tractor or other method. Can haul up to 450 tonnes containerized or odd dimension project cargoes & modules on a 55.2m x 16.2m heavy deck over shallow water, ice, slush, swamps, wetlands, tundra and other environmentally challenging & sensitive terrains where conventional vehicles & barges are unable to work. Hovers abt. 5' off the surface with minimal footprint. Loaded displacement abt. 1,100T. Hull built of DH-36 low temperature (-20 deg. F) steel. Epoxy coated exterior deck & side shell. Designed operating temperature +40 deg. C to - 20 deg. C. 16' x 10' midships moon pool for coring & drilling ops. 10mt/m2 bow ramp plus two side ramps with Braden hydraulic side winches for Ro/Ro ops. Four 1,051HP CAT3412 engines drive Woodcock & Wilson lift fans abt. 5.5' in diameter in custom built, sound attenuated aluminum engine/fan houses with CO2 fire suppression systems. Two 3,000psi @ 45gpm hydraulic power packs with CAT3126 engines. Cranes refurbished by Leavesley International. Barge RF wireless radio remote control system with four belly pack and local station. 4 controllers included. 8 deck lights. 4 Panama chocks & 5 bollards aft for making up to push tug. Spare rubber skirting. Launched early 2014. Commissioned, passed hover lift test and christened April 2017. Fully operational. Exclusively in our hands. Photographs, full technical description, videos, drawings & survey on request and at Owner will consider sale, or charter.
Details believed to be correct, but without guarantee. Offered subject to availability.