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So far in 2015, we have brokered seventeen sales and three charters and we have several more sales and charters pending over the next few weeks. In 2014, we brokered thirty-one sales and six charters. Looking back over the past 34 years, we have averaged about 42 sales/charters per year.

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The pressure is certainly building and it appears only a matter of time before it reaches a level of critical mass. The offshore industry is about eight months into a prolonged downturn after Saudi Arabia unilaterally decided to keep the oil spigot open in the hope of gaining market share. This combined with strong output from US shale and Canadian sands has led to a glut of crude across the globe leaving oil prices languishing.

The tug boat "Suiattle" has been sold by Dunlap Towing to Alaskan buyers.

Marcon International, Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of the U.S. flag crew boat "South Fork" between private interests.

Rebonave’s "Monte da Luz" successfully completed a tow of a 289’ ocean work barge from Malta to the Caribbean.

Of the 13,145 vessels and 3,944 barges Marcon tracks, 1,143 are crew, fast supply & pilot boats with 198 officially on the market for sale, plus we have 57 boats available for charter worldwide.

Of the 13,054 vessels (excluding barges) Marcon currently tracks, 704 are inland river pushboats with 67 officially on the market for sale (53 U.S. flag and 14 foreign flag).

Of the 3,944 barges and 13,054 vessels we currently track, 705 are tank barges with 24 inland and 32 ocean or coastal barges officially on the market for sale.

Of the 12,947 vessels and 3,899 barges that Marcon currently tracks, 4,826 are tugs with 622 currently officially on the market for sale worldwide, down 16% since November and down 9.46% from February 2014.

Of 12,947 vessels and 3,899 barges tracked by Marcon, 3,240 are supply and tug supply boats, with 263 officially on the market for sale. 58.33% of foreign and 89.36% of U.S. flag supply / tug supply boats Marcon has officially listed for sale are direct from Owners. So far in 2015, actual sales price of all vessels and barges sold by Marcon International has averaged 91.15% vs. 2014s 86.42% and 2013s 87.07%.

Friday, October 09, 2015 - EIA projects average U.S. household expenditures for natural gas, heating oil, and propane during the upcoming winter heating season (October 1 through March 31) will be 10%, 25%, and 18% lower, respectively, than last winter, because of lower fuel prices and lower heating demand.

Friday, October 09, 2015 - In 2014, Brazil was the eighth-largest energy consumer in the world and the third-largest in the Americas, behind the United States and Canada, according to BP statistics. Total primary energy consumption in Brazil has nearly doubled in the past decade because of sustained economic growth.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015 - A forecast combination of warmer weather and lower crude oil prices is contributing to the lowest expected average residential heating oil expenditures in nine years for the winter heating season of 2015-16, which runs from October 1 through March 31.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015 - The average U.S. offshore rig count for September 2015 was 32, down 2 from the 34 that were counted in August 2015 and down 32 from the 64 that were counted in September 2014. 

Wednesday, October 07, 2015 - Indonesia struggles to attract sufficient investment to meet growing domestic energy consumption because of inadequate infrastructure and a complex regulatory environment. At the same time, it was the world’s largest exporter of coal by weight and the fifth largest exporter of liquefied natural gas in 2014.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 - Norway is Europe’s largest petroleum liquids producer, and it provides much of the petroleum liquids and natural gas consumed on the continent. Norwegian petroleum and other liquids production, which has been declining since 2001, increased by about 50,000 barrels per day (b/d) in 2014 compared with 2013.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 - The Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University believes that the next two weeks will be characterized by activity at average levels.

Monday, September 21, 2015 - Mexico is one of the largest producers of petroleum and other liquids in the world, the fourth largest producer in the Americas after the United States, Canada, and Brazil, and an important partner in U.S. energy trade. In 2014, Mexico accounted for 781,000 b/d, or 11% of U.S. crude oil imports.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - According to the Paris-based, International Energy Agency’s "Oil Market Report", oil prices sank to six-year lows in August as a supply overhang grew and concern deepened over the health of the global economy, especially in China. After rebounding on a slew of economic and fundamental data, prices turned volatile in September.

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