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So far in 2014, we brokered six sales and two charters, with several more pending. We brokered 25 sales and seven charters in 2013, compared to booking 33 sales and eight charters in 2012 and 36 sales or charters in 2011. Looking back over the past 31 years, we have averaged about 43 sales/charters per year.

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Pacific Coast Maritime, Inc. has concluded the sale of its 240’ ABS ocean deck barge "HML 240-2" to Island Tug & Barge Co. of Seattle.

Stabbert Maritime has time chartered the U.S. flag research vessel "Ocean Pioneer" to FMC Technology.

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - Over the past three years, Turkey has experienced some of the fastest growth in energy demand of countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Unlike a number of other OECD countries in Europe, Turkey’s economy has avoided the prolonged stagnation that has characterized much of the continent for the past few years.

Marcon is pleased to report the long-term charter/purchase of a 2011 built 5,150BHP foreign flag AHTS on a private and confidential basis.

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - Annual reports by oil and natural gas companies show that spending on exploration and development activities increased by 5% ($18 billion) in 2013, while spending on property acquisition continued to decline by $17 billion.

Friday, April 11, 2014 - During the April-through-September summer driving season this year, regular gasoline retail prices are forecast to average $3.57/gallon (gal). The projected monthly national average regular retail gasoline price falls from $3.66/gal in May to $3.46/gal in September.

Friday, April 11, 2014 - The average U.S. offshore rig count for March 2014 was 53, down two from the 55 that were counted in February 2014 and up two from the 51 counted in March 2013.

A new 300’x 100’ heavy deck cargo barge was launched by Gunderson Marine for Ulysses LLC.

Thursday, March 05, 2014 - As back in January, we are back in the "up and down, up and down" yo-yo mode again for bunker prices, with rising prices on top of weak charter rates cutting into profits - especially for those trades where fuel make up 30 - 40% of operational costs.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014 - Indonesia is reorienting energy production from serving primarily export markets to serve its growing domestic consumption. Indonesia’s energy industry has faced challenges in recent years from regulatory uncertainty and inadequate investment.

G & B Offshore of Cut Off, Louisiana purchased the U.S. flag "White Pony" from Cal Dive International.

It has been 23 years since the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 became law. The sunset date is December 31, 2014, at which time all single hull tank vessels and barges in the United States will be phased out of petroleum service.

Of the 12,664vessels and 3,846 barges that Marcon currently tracks, 4,752 are tugs with 671 currently officially on the market for sale worldwide, up .45% since August 2013 and down 11.48% from November 2012.

Of 12,664 vessels and 3,846 barges tracked by Marcon, 3,167 are supply and tug supply boats. Tug supply boats officially on the market for sale decreased from 211 to 142 vessels since November 2012 and down 9.55% or 15 vessels from August.

Of the 12,664 vessels and 3,846 barges Marcon tracks, 1,089 are crew, fast supply & pilot boats with 185 officially on the market for sale, plus we have 41 boats available for charter worldwide. 28.1% of the boats officially for sale are U.S. flag. 58 crew boats for sale worldwide were built within the last 10 years.

Of the 12,664 vessels (excluding barges) Marcon currently tracks, 684 are inland river pushboats with 99 officially on the market for sale (85 U.S. flag and 14 foreign flag). Fifteen of the boats with age listed were built within the last ten years. 40 boats are forty-five years of age or older with the oldest listed built in 1939.

Of the 3,846 barges and 12,664 vessels we currently track, 733 are tank barges with 46 inland and 33 ocean or coastal barges officially on the market for sale.

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