Description of Services

Specializing in the offshore petroleum, marine construction and towing industries since 1981, Marcon International, Inc. offers a wide range of services for Owners, Charterers, shipyards, investors, leasing companies, and other ship brokers. With our carefully maintained database and years of practical experience, we are able to ensure our clients both fast and comprehensive service.

In detail we act specifically in Brokerage of:

  • Vessels and barges for sale.
  • Purchase inquiries.
  • Time, voyage and bareboat charters.
  • New construction.
  • Capital investment.

  • Market Information on:
  • Charter rates.
  • Sales and purchase of vessels and/or barges.

  • Preparation of:
  • Valuations of individual vessels and/or barges and fleets.
  • Contract negotiations and arrangements.
  • Technical advice, if necessary, in collaboration with engineering consultants (planning of new buildings, conversions, etc.)

  • Sale and Purchase
    Recently updated vessels and barges are offered on the market for sale and/or charter including many photographs and drawings at Additions to vessel listings are regularly sent to selected Buyers and Brokers by e-mail.

    We are able to report prompt employment possibilities for both vessels and barges. Charter orders are sent immediately to appropriate vessel or barge Owners. If, for instance, a Charterer requires a 300' Ocean Deck Barge for a cargo in the Pacific Northwest, a Utility Boat for a construction project off California, or an Oil Rig Supply Boat in Singapore, it is possible for the charter-free vessels in our database to be sorted quickly and Owners or representatives notified by telephone or e-mail of the requirement, and in most cases, a prompt response is obtained for prospective Charterer's consideration.

    On a select basis, we prepare valuations on both entire fleets and individual vessels or barges. As requested, we have also conducted physical inspections for valuations. Marcon is not a certified appraiser nor is it a certified surveyor, therefore all our reports are statements of opinion based upon our expertise as vessel brokers.

    Our clientele covers companies world-wide. In the interest of our customers, we make use of a constantly expanding source of direct representatives and ship broker contacts in every quarter. This dense network regularly supplies us with a wide range of reports that are classified and held for the benefit of our clients. Appropriate reports are published on the internet or sent to select clients on a regular basis.

    Modern technology is used simply as a useful tool which enables the very best and most modern service without replacing or sacrificing the tradition of personal contact between our staff and client.

    All services of Marcon International, Inc. are at your disposal. Please make use of the information services and marketing experience that we are able to offer you.

    Commercial Marine Brokers since 1981