Charter Services

We are interested in receiving information on any vessels or barges – inland or ocean service, surplus to your requirements and available for short or long-term charter, time or bareboat. This can be either on a published or a private and confidential basis.

Since 1981, Marcon International, Inc. has provided a wide range of consulting and brokerage services to the offshore petroleum, towing and marine construction industries worldwide. Charters have always been an important segment of our market as shipbrokers. Vessels and barges listed for charter are updated on our website daily.

If a Charterer requires a 300’ ABS Ocean Deck Barge for a cargo in the Pacific Northwest, a Utility Boat for a construction project off California or a Platform Supply Boat in Singapore, it is possible for data on charter-free vessels and/or tugboats looking for a “tow of opportunity” to be quickly reviewed.

A sample of charters arranged through Marcon International include:

Additional charters and tows are pending.

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